Militaries’ across the globe demand the best from their pilots and support personnel, and they, in turn, deserve the best ground support equipment. As a disabled Veteran Owned Business, Verde GSE understands the role High-Pressure Precondition Air (HPCA) plays in supporting mission-critical assets.

Verde GSE’s line of HPCA units can support any military aircraft:

Delivering Pressures From 1-9 PSI

Grains of Moisture Per Pound of Dry Air from 18 grains to 55 grains of moisture

Airflows from 34 -140 Pounds Per Minute (PPM) for fighter aircraft and to up to 400 PPM for other military aircraft...

Our standard design architecture simplifies maintenance. Verde's design has many advantages, to name a few - energy efficiency, and redundancy that ensures continued operation even if one system fails.

Need a custom design? We offer experience in the design and manufacturing of our Military HPC PCA units. Our owners had key roles in the development of the first PCA unit qualified under Mil Spec 810 capable of servicing Fighter aircraft (F-16, F-18, F-35). They have been awarded a total of 10+ patents on various PCA technology:

First multi-fighter aircraft PCA & GPU

Operational range: -40F to 140F

Fully electronic control

First PCA to use microchannel heat exchangers

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